Rides in the Park

Leicester Wheels for All put on their first “Rides in the Park” event today. Vista applied for funding from Leicester City Council’s Cycle City Workshop to set up a “Proof of Concept” event.

Vista and Leicester Wheels for All Banners

Promoting activity is the NHS’s main strategy for better health, wellbeing and life expectancy. This is more challenging for people who live with different needs. There is little opportunity to take up an activity like cycling and this was the basis of the grant from Leicester’s Cycle City workshop.

The Proof of Concept event today will help us to learn the lessons that will enable us to offer high-quality services for people who don’t otherwise get the chance to cycle in great surroundings like Leicester’s Abbey Park.

The Proof of Concept idea is to demonstrate in principle some concept or theory that has practical potential. Our joint project will help Vista and Leicester Wheels for All to address the key questions.

  • How would the idea work?
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • What support is needed to make it happen?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Is it practicable?
  • How can it be sustained?
  • What about the logistics involved?
  • Did our prototype work?
  • What lessons did we learn?
  • How frequently should we run our new “Rides in the Park?”
  • Do we have the resources to run the event every week? (Or, if not, how often could we offer the service?)
  • How can we fund it?

These are all questions that we are now sifting with our teams to find out if the prototype worked and is capable of regular repeats.

For more information about the Cycle City Challenge Workshop see this link

Leicester Wheels for All – What we do.

If you would like to know more about the research justification for putting on this event please see the following links:-

And click on this link to see details of recent international research consensus


We have produced a project report which is available to all. If you would like a copy please email us.