Time to scale up

Leicester Wheels for All is looking to the future.

At the next AGM the LWFA Trustees will have been in office for four years. We have developed the organisation up to the point at which we put on 100 events each year for our participants. We are good at partnership working and service management. We have a core of great session leaders and volunteers. Why then do we need to review our governance structure?

We need to scale up our organisation so that we begin to meet the unmet need for exercise for people with different needs. Our target audience is anyone with the need to ride adapted cycles for health and wellbeing. Business gurus say that scaling up a service is more than just doing more of the same.

We invite our stakeholder organisations to be involved in the process. Tell us what we should do to prepare our organisation for the changes needed? Here is our open letter to all of our client organisations, funders, carers of our participants and of course participants themselves.

Dear Stakeholder
This letter is all about our organisation and we would appreciate your involvement and guidance.  We want to prepare for increasing the services to our participants and client organisations.

We are on course for delivering around 100 events a year.  We are good at partnership working and service management.  We have a great team of people delivering our services. We have a good fleet of adapted cycles.  But this is not the time to rest on our laurels.   Most of our target participants and customer organisations have unmet needs and we want to continue developing so that we can begin to address more of them.

When we started we needed a core team with a service delivery focus.  We now need to expand and develop our public benefit services by strengthening all areas beyond our core competencies
So our question is – how should we do this?  Refreshing our trustees is a good place to start.  We need trustees who bring other skills to the organisation beyond what we have achieved by providing high-quality safe events for our participants.  If you have any ideas, or you would like to become a trustee in one of the areas listed below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • strategy
  • finance
  • encouraging take up of healthy exercise
  • communications
  • NHS and Social Care liaison including social prescribing
  • other

The next committee meeting due in August will consider how best to prepare LWFA for the next stage in its development.

Please reply to leicesterwfa@gmail.com