Lindsey’s story – and a crowdfunding appeal

Lindsey is a regular cycle leader at our “Ride in the Park” events. She pilots one of the two rickshaws that we take for older people and people with different needs to ride around the circuit.

Lindsey piloting the rickshaw at Cruyff Court on Midsummer’s Day.

The participants are what this project is all about. Before Leicester Wheels for All’s plans took shape this summer I knew that this is what I wanted to do, give an older person who can’t get about too well the chance to relive their former cycling days.

Lindsey Ball

Dennis is 96. He came first to Leicester Wheels for All’s Midsummer Ride in the Park which was held at Cruyff Court, St Matthews. Ever since that day, Dennis’s daughter tells us, he has talked constantly about how much he enjoyed it and wanting to do it again. Here is a shot of him riding with our session leader, Jamshed, running along-side giving directions to the rider who has low-vision. One of the unexpected benefits of running the event at Cryuff Court was that the blue running track acts as a perfect “direction guide” for many people with low-vision.

“Can you believe that we’ve given a 96-year-old man like Dennis something that he probably never dreamed would happen. And what a great experience it must’ve been yesterday for his daughter to ride next to him. Absolutely unbelievable when you think about it. I’m really chuffed!”

I also particularly enjoyed taking an elderly blind lady around the Oval on my rickshaw and describing everything that we were passing, it was lovely to be able to do this and it made me appreciate just how great it was to be able ride a bike in the Park. 

Lindsey Ball
This is the “brand” shot from LWFA’s first Ride in the Park back in May.

As I was piloting the rickshaw on Friday everyone remarked about Rides in the Park being such a fantastic idea and the carers were loving the event just as much as their clients. The sense of wellbeing was amazing, with everyone laughing and smiling as they all took turns to ride the bikes that suited them most. There was a real community spirit with different groups mixing and interacting with each other.

Lindsey Ball
96 years old Dennis back in the saddle after 30 years at Ride-in-the-Park.

Would you like to help make it possible for us to provide more Ride in the Park sessions and provide more cycles for people with different needs? Well, now you can! Head over to our crowd-funding link:

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